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Relationships are hard.  Trust me I know.  More than a title this is my reality, and the road to getting here was not fun.  It took a lot of breaking hearts, and getting my heart broken, before I finally started to realize what it meant to be in a relationship.  Whoever said that failure is the best teacher, was an absolute genius.  But, it doens't have to be your personal failure.  You can learn through the mistakes of others as well.


In this book I write my story, and the lessons I've learned along the way to becoming the man I am today.  I know all too well what doesn't work, and present several ideals here for your consideration.  Ideals that if you embrace them can help you be more successful in your relationships going forward.  Don't be like me and have to learn these things the hard way.  Buy the book, read the book, do the work required to become the person you need to, then go get your happy ending! 


**Pre-order will be available soon!!**

4 Children, 3 Baby Mommas, 2 Divorces Later...

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