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I was having a conversation with my 13-year-old son, and I asked him if he believed he could accomplish anything he wanted to.  His response was, "well yeah, but I think its going to be a little bit harder."  When I asked him why he thought it would be harder, his response inspired this book.


This book is about a young boy who is concerned if his skin color will hold him back in life.  With everything going on in the world, he’s wondering if Black people have negative stereotypes that could impact his ability to achieve his goals.  His father reassures him that as long as he puts his mind to something, and dedicates himself to it, then nothing will be able to hold him back.  Not even skin color.


For anyone who has a young Black or Brown person in their life who may have similar thoughts, this just may be the perfect book for them!


To download the E-book now, click here.

Dad, can I ask you a question? (Hard copy)

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