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Have Confidence In Your Dreams

When you set your mind on something that you want to accomplish, know that you will be tested along the way. It's almost like life is purposely trying to see how bad you really want it. And if you aren't confident in your ability to make your dreams come true, these trials can cause you to slow down, or deviate from your path altogether. Don't let this happen to you.

See the End From the Beginning

So, you've decided that you want to start something. What should you do first? I would recommend being able to visualize exactly what it is you are hoping to accomplish. Make it real enough in your mind that you can literally feel it as if it already happened. Doing this has several benefits from programming your subconscious, to giving you a clear sense of direction.

But visualization is more than just imagination. It's a process, and you want to involve as many of your senses as possible in it. Start by writing down the goal you want to accomplish. Then project yourself to a future date when it's complete. From that state write out how your life looks. Where are you? Who are you with? What kind of car do you drive? What colors do you see, scents can you smell, sounds can you hear? What impact is your accomplisment having on the world? What accolades have you received? How much money is in you bank account? All of these are just examples, but the more detailed you get with this process the better.

Once you have it all laid out, and written down, reference it everyday. Use it as your roadmap. Are things you are doing daily contributing to making that vision a reality? If it isn't, then you have to decide if that course of action is actually worth taking, and if it's something that will detract from your vision the decision should be easy. If you can stay focused on your objectives over time, and especially when challenges arise, you will begin to live your visualization.

When Obstacles Arise

Obstacles are going to arise, there is no getting around it. The best thing you can do is expect it, and be prepared to keep moving forward. Note, an obstacle is anything meant to detract you from moving towards your goal. It can be any range of things from unexpected financial hardships, unexpected loss of a family member, broken promises from someone you were counting on, website crashing at most inopportune time, legal issues, etc. All of these things carry their own weights depending on the person they are impacting. But, the worst thing to do when facing an obstacle is shut down.

This is where having confidence in your dream comes into play big time. You have to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that in lieu of these things happening, you can still reach your destination. It may have gotten a little more hectic, or the road may have become a bit more inconvenient, but by moving forward you will still arrive. What generally happens is a person will be in the grind phase of their project, and things won't be going as smoothly as they'd imagined. They won't be seeing a positive return, and will find themselves investing more and more seemingly for nothing. This is when obstacles become even more effective, because for those already teetering on giving up, it pushes them over the edge.

Giving up on your dreams will not make your circumstances immediately better, or make the difficulty of the obstacles cease instantly. You gain nothing from leaving your course. However, by staying, you have everything to gain, and those pains, those sacrifices, those hardships would've been for something. So keep going, don't give up, expect obstacles and get past them. You got this! When the day comes and you find yourself living in the vision you set for yourself, it all would've been worth it.

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