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Just Get Started

Often times people delay their dreams because they want to make sure they have everything just right, or they are waiting for the perfect circumstances to be present, before they start. Having knowledge of what you are doing is extremely important, but so is just starting. There will be some things you can only learn along the way through experience.

First comes the idea, then comes the action

"I don't know enough", "I'm not ready", "The timing isn't right", "I'm scared", "I don't have the resources", etc. etc. Yes, you can convince yourself that all of these are legitimate reasons to postpone your plans. But, the fact of the matter is, those are just excuses. They are your minds attempt to "protect" you from potentially doing something that will put you at risk. The risk of failure to be exact.

Yes failure can be very uncomfortable, and it can point to all the ways you aren't good enough. But, that's only one way to look at it. Failure can also teaches you valuable lessons if you let it. Lessons that build the pathway to your success. However, you won't learn those lessons unless you get started. Stop waiting for the perfect circumstances to prevent themselves, because they don't exist.

In fact, don't even think of your attempts that don't succeed as failures. Consider them as lessons. Consider them as practice to find out what works and doesn't work. Consider it your investment into perfecting a product or service. You have the ability to control how you look at your efforts, so when you allow in the thought that you failed or if you give up, that's when it's lethal to your plans and dreams.

One of my favorite philosophies is that it takes 10,000 hours of doing something to become a master at it. That means if you spend 3 hours a day working on your craft, you techinically wouldn't be considered a master until nine years from now. So ask yourself, how much time are you dedicating to the perfection of your craft? That's another reason to just get started! The sooner you start, the more ground you can cover just like in calculating compound interest.

Tip Of The IceBerg

What generally happens is people get caught up in the success of the people they see around them (including people on TV). Seeing someone happy and successful, it becomes easy to focus only on what you see. When those visions of grandeur, lavish lifestyles, and freedom are constantly put in front of us, it becomes the object of our efforts. We want it, and we want it now. However, what isn't being displayed is the road those people took to get there. The rewards are just the tip of the iceberg, the nasty stuff (which is also the majority of what success is made up) is what lies beneath.

We aren't seeing the sleepless nights. We aren't seeing the times the lost everything taking chances on themselves. We don't see the people who manipulated, cheated, stole from, or broke promises along the way. We don't see the resilience, strength, courage, and determination they've had to exhibit for years prior to getting to the reward stage. Yes, it's common sense that it takes hard work, but the problem is people don't understand just what hard work is. And, it can be subjective as well. But one thing for sure, when all we see is the reward, and not what it takes to get there, it can be perceived that it came easy.

This perception can cause you to want it easy. I've seen countless people spend years trying to find the perfect shortcut so they can obtain the rewards easily. If they would've just started down a path, and employed that same relentlessness, they would've been successful by now. Looking ahead nine years seems so far away... but, looking behind it feels like it was just yesterday. And guess what, nine years from now today will be a yesterday too. So get started now, and build that compound interest to your future!

I told someone I've consumed over 3000 pieces of content (books, videos, seminars, etc.) covering the topics of business, relationships, and self-improvement. That person told me, man I wish I could consume that much knowledge. I told him he absolutely could, but not in one day. But if he just gets started then a year or two from now with consistency, he would've consumed that much and maybe more!

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